RTBZeitgeist: How big is real-time bidding really?

by Ratko Vidakovic on December 9, 2013 · 0 comments

How big is real-time bidding, really?

RTB spending is certainly increasing, but the question of how big the RTB market really is changes depending on who you talk to says Digiday’s Jack Marshall.

In his article, Marshall cites figures from eMarketer, which recently projected that $3.37 billion will be spent through RTB channels in the U.S. this year. That accounts for 19% of total digital display ad spending. Magna Global predicted a bigger RTB spend for 2013, at $3.9 billion, while J.P. Morgan’s projections were much lower, clocking in at $2.5 billion.

Marshall says vendors have an even less conservative view on how the numbers will end up; the Rubicon project believes upwards of 40% of online display advertising is traded via RTB, whereas agency folks say anything more than 20% is “probably the product of irrational exuberance.” Until analysts can agree, he concludes, anywhere between 15% and 50% will have to do.

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Are the mobile & video revolutions all just talk?

As programmatic buying — specifically real-time bidding — continues to grow at breakneck speeds, mobile and video are starting to win the most attention for being growth-drivers. In an article for Marketing Land, SiteScout’s Ratko Vidakovic sits down to meditate some of the discussion and explain what’s true and why.

So what’s noteworthy? In mobile, the area in which RTB will have the greatest impact is with reporting based on location as defined by GPS coordinates. Zone reporting will have a massive impact on campaign optimization, as advertisers will be able to take campaigns right down to the neighbourhood, and even street intersection level.

With video, as with everything else that RTB has touched, advertisers are realizing the kinds of efficiencies it brings. Thanks to RTB, video advertisers can run retargeting campaigns that combine spend and efficacy and high ROI with high impact video ad units.

Want to know more about the impact mobile and video will have? Here are Vidakovic’s fireside musings.

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RTB Zeitgeist: The urban legends of programmatic

by Ratko Vidakovic on November 11, 2013 · 0 comments

The Urban Legends of Programmatic Advertising

Ad tech can be complicated enough without urban legends making things even more cloudy. Thankfully, Digiday’s Jack Marshall decided to poll publishers and agencies on fact VS. fiction and shed light on the truth behind programmatic.

For example, are programmatic and real-time bidding the same thing? Are publishers being “outgunned” by buyers? Will technology replace people in the world of advertising? Is it true everything can be bought programatically now? Will all media inevitably be biddable? Is programmatic ready for prime time?

These are among the top issues Marshall covers in his article and if you’re not sure if about any of the above, this article is for you.

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Epic News: SiteScout + Centro!

by Paul Mokbel on November 5, 2013

Today we are very proud to announce that SiteScout has been acquired by Centro, an ad technology company based out of Chicago. The past three years have been an incredible ride that leave me with a warm feeling of nostalgia when I think about our humble beginnings. At the same time, I am also extremely excited to be closing this chapter of the story and beginning our next adventure with Centro.

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Ready or not, RTB is revolutionizing mobile

If acquisitions and investments by companies like Twitter are any indication, mobile real-time bidding (RTB) is hitting its stride. In an article for Venturebeat, Adam Landis articulates how RTB is changing the game for mobile advertisers, he assures publishers they can take advantage of the technology, and provides perspective on a bright future for mobile RTB.

With RTB spending forecast to increase substantially, and with massive momentum pushing the industry toward RTB, the shift to mobile will be significant, writes Landis. The transparency it brings will be a big boon to mobile advertisers, and publishers who understand its dynamics will be able to benefit.

Landis says money moving to RTB will significantly change mobile advertising and result in a more efficient and liquid market. While some publishers may find the transition tough, it’s up to them to take initiative and find ways to benefit from the new mobile status quo.

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Real time bidding is how it started: is programmatic buying the future?

Real-time bidding is the start of something grand, a movement that’s changing media buying as we know it. It’s leading to a future where online advertising will be facilitated through a whole bunch of programmatic solutions. For that future to be fully realized, however, education must be a priority for all players in the programmatic ecosystem.

In an article for Memeburn, Jaco Lintvelt of DQ&A International Media Group South Africa does an excellent job of highlighting many of the programmatic options that are currently available to advertisers and publishers, like preferred deals and private exchanges. He also points out some of the key elements needed to ensure that growth continues, such as specific performance metrics and quality inventory.

There’s a lot to be excited about as the programmatic space continues to grow. And RTB is just one component.

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RTB Zeitgeist: 5 myths about real-time bidding

by Ratko Vidakovic on September 30, 2013 · 0 comments

5 myths about real-time bidding

The world of RTB has grown quickly and become wildly popular in recent times. As a result, we’ve seen a lot of statements made from people and organizations who want to simplify and help more people understand how RTB works. But not everything you hear or read is true, or more specifically, some statements are simplified to a point that you may have been left with the wrong impression of real-time bidding.

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Webinar Replay: SiteScout RTB New Features Tour

by Ratko Vidakovic on September 23, 2013 · 2 comments

Last week we hosted a great webinar covering many of the new features on SiteScout RTB, which include: hyper local targeting, conversion testing, view-through conversion tracking, private marketplace deals, email performance reports, and exclude WiFi.

(For the best viewing experience, we highly recommend watching with HD enabled in full screen mode.)

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RTB Zeitgeist: It’s human vs. robots in ad sales

by Ratko Vidakovic on September 16, 2013 · 0 comments

It’s Human vs. Robots in Ad Sales

Thanks to the rise of programmatic, a battle is brewing between man and machine for who gets to sell online ad inventory.

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Webinar: SiteScout RTB New Features Tour (Sept 19, 2013)

by Ratko Vidakovic on September 5, 2013 · 0 comments

Mobile Targeting with Matt Sauls

We’ve been so busy releasing new features and making big announcements over the last few months that we haven’t had a webinar in a while. So, we’ll be hosting the next webinar two weeks from today, doing a tour of all the new features in the SiteScout RTB platform.

During this webinar, Matt Sauls will do a live tour of all the latest features in our RTB platform, along with explanations of how they all work. Specifically, he will be covering: hyper local targeting, conversion testing, view-through conversion tracking, private marketplace deals, email performance reports, and how to exclude WiFi from mobile campaigns.

After the presentation there will be a Q+A period where Matt will be answering questions from webinar attendees.

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Real-time bidding is growing faster than expected

The growth of real-time bidding will not be slowing down this year. In fact, it’s going to pick up the pace. According to eMarketer, RTB spending will increase by a whopping 73.9% in 2013, reaching approximately $3.34 billion in the U.S.

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We have been working hard to improve our RTB platform and continue to make it a system that advertisers love to use, which is why we are excited to share a number of new developments with you. On the agenda today are half a dozen new platform features, some new inventory partners, and an additional data provider. There is also a little sneak peak if you make it through to the end of this post. That said, let’s start off by covering some of our new platform features.

New Targeting: Hyper Local

On the mobile front, we’ve introduced hyper-local targeting. Hyper-local (or Coordinate) targeting works through the GPS functionality built into mobile devices, so that you can target audiences to within a few feet of any location around the globe. Coordinates are acquired primarily through mobile applications where the user has agreed to share their location with the app.

This allows you to show your ads on mobile devices within a defined location. Using GPS coordinates (or an address) as the target, you can set the radius for serving ads, accurate to a few feet. Hyper-local targeting allows to engage your target audience when they are where you want them to be.

The current incarnation of hyper-local targeting requires that you get the coordinates from an application like Google Maps or Google Earth, then input them in the appropriate Latitude and Longitude fields in the campaign editor. In the next version, which will be released along with the new RTB interface, we will have a much easier workflow that will only requires an address and a radius.

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RTB is the future, so who are the winners & losers

Mobile looks to be a key area where real-time bidding will have the most impact says a recent report from BI Intelligence.

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Wout Van Damme, CEO of Funbox

This is a guest post by Wout Van Damme, CEO of Funbox, an independent trading desk.

“I been on the right road, but I must have used the wrong car,” laments Dr. John in the old blues rock song, “Right Place, Wrong Time.” Unfortunately, too many digital marketers could add their own verse, “I picked out the right ad, but it must have been the wrong site.”

Clearly the need to preserve brand value means that appearing on the right websites is just as important as reaching consumers with the right offers. We understand this challenge first-hand as a brand safe real-time trading company, offering automated media buying services to brand advertisers and agencies, which extend across display, mobile, video and social channels.

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There's No Ideal Balance Between Humans & Machines

Are people looking at real-time bidding (RTB) through rose-tinted goggles? What are the most common RTB myths? If the actual speed of trading can’t get any faster, where do we go from here/how does it keep improving?

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